Izumigaoka Pool

The Izumigaoka Pool, located 300 m from my apart. building, a nice place to spend a sunny weekend day.

the website …


is JAPANESE only…



take a look at this facility as it was build in 1972….

no kidding..

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Scientist, tech enthusiast, husband and father. Romanian expat. Dupa 3 ani in Japonia, o noua pagina se deschide la Paris.
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2 Responses to Izumigaoka Pool

  1. The BECS BLOG says:

    Nice view from your appartment,do you get to see sexy ladies in their bikini more often? :)Have a day Dr A.

  2. Adrian Mihalcioiu says:

    I have not seen bikini in japan .. yet… not even in a shoping mall. 🙁
    And second… the sad side of this pool's story is that while the water depth will under no circumstances depass 1.2m it is mainly used by school and pre school kid's (and their parents).

    I've heard that some private managed "grown up" pool's exist (with thalaso and sauna). Yet to visit …

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