Diamonds – A girl’s best friend ?

As I was watching DiCaprio’s BLOOD DIAMONDS the other day it reminded me Edward Jay Epstein‘s story about The Diamond Invention.
And this here, could be mine:

You love that “SOMEONE”.
Start looking for a ring, a ring with a beautiful diamond to “match” your love for her. You know she is dreaming about that shiny diamond since she was a kid. Thinking it’s the greatest symbol of “forever” love.
The diamond, you find out soon, it’s just a sharp, icy rock. You look for some magic, as in the fairytale. But there is none. You can’t have love on your finger but if you put it deep in ones heart; where love is; where blood flows. The thing diamonds and love have in common is blood as the movie showes.

Now, my real story, is not at all bad:
True, my love for her is nothing like that little stone. My love it’s bigger than life. Because love gives life.
Still, I’ll soon give her a diamond ring: a month from now, I’ll put it on her finger. And hope for a happy never ending.
My love for her will always be IN MY HEART. As long as my heart will go on. SHE knows that. In my arms, close to my heart, it’s her “favorite place”.

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