Dojangpo Maeul Hill

Dojangpo Maeul is a quaint little village lying between the Hakdong Pebble Beach and the Hammock Beach on the Geojedo Island which is Korea’s second largest. A little heaven of opulence, this simple fishing village comprises of enchanting houses and a small ferry port. But the real charm of the place still remains hidden from the human eye. The Dojangpo Maeul Hill is popularly known as ‘The Hill of Wind’. It is also referred to as the Mangneungjandi Park by the locals. The Dojangpo Maeul Hill does not have an official name as yet. The surroundings of the Hill are so beautiful that it is like a miniature paradise overlooking the sea. While waiting for the boat to bring you to Oedo Botanica, you can enjoy delicious traditional Korean seafood dishes at the small local restaurant “Hill of Wind” next to the port.

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