Excel 2007 bug – Chart disappears

“In excel 2007 you have data on a sheet from which you create a chart. You then move the chart to its own sheet. Then one day you open the file and the chart is gone. The sheet it is still there. The data sheet is still there, but the chart is gone (or not visible?) and you can’t figure out why or how to get it back.”
This may be related to unavailable printers.
For some reason, chart sheets seem to need a printer driver on hand in order to render properly.

For example you usually work on a network. If the network printer set as default on your system is not available you may experience this error. Or your printer driver might be “broken”.

What to do ?
  • Check if your printer is powered on and all cables are secured. Is your default printer “Ready” (Control Panel / Printers)?
  • Quick Fix: Close Excel. Change the default printer to “Microsoft XPS Document”. Re-open the file. Your charts should be there visible.
  • Repair: Try to make your network printer “Ready” on your system or in the case of a local printer reinstall the driver.

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