Google talk – from Beta to Crash

After more than five years officially in testing mode, Gmail is finally graduating from “beta.” Google Inc. says its e-mail service and three other applications: Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Talk are now out of beta mode. They are finished products in name as well as function and while i must say that I have never had a problem with them while in Beta… this morning reserved me a big surprise: there is a C (as in crash) after B (as in beta).

If you use google aps for your domain and your startpage included the google talk gadget you have a good chance like me not to be able to use it for now (as of this morning, jul 21st). The gadget is forcing the google aps launchpage to reload every second making it out of use.

A quick fix to stop the always refreshing page is to use your browser stop button next to the navigation toolbar between the refreshes, ie before the page is reloaded but after is partially at least loaded (that’s a mouse and cat game) and eliminate the google talk gadget from the page (the x in the top gadget corner). You can re-add-it later when a fix will be available.

Update: one hour later … still nothing!
Update2: as of july 23rd 5:25 the gadget is now working again on launchpage.

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