Waiting line

I was in Ginza a few months ago, and i’ve been surprised to see this long waiting line:

You can see the people are in a two way lane.

the line ends at the bridge.

This is what they are waiting for: H&M store in Ginza.
The line captured on cameta 2 weeks after official store opening.

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Scientist, tech enthusiast, husband and father. Romanian expat. Dupa 3 ani in Japonia, o noua pagina se deschide la Paris.
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7 Responses to Waiting line

  1. Mihai Japan says:

    And this is just one of them. Did you see the ones made on January the 1st?

  2. Just on TV.
    Waking up there to see them live is not on my Jan. 1st list 🙂

  3. fanitza says:

    japonezii ??tia sunt oameni? 🙂

    vorbesc a?a, în general! 😀

  4. Sigur ca-s oameni, in sensu ca ele-s elfe si ei is goblini 😀

  5. Acuma eu am auzit ca s-a intsmplat acelasi lucru in Austria cand au deschis…. sigur ca aia sunt mai degraba tarani..

  6. Dan Ciulea says:

    :)) si tu ai prins magazinu’ deschis? … sau a trebuit sa pleci pe cand ai ajuns si tu mai infata :))

    • Dr.A says:

      Noi (nevasta) suntem clienti la Paris. Personal am intrat si’n Luxemburg intr-un H&M acum 10 ani sa-mi iau o palarie.
      La Tokyo n-am intrat. In Ghinza sunt shopuri mai interesante de vizitat!

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