Locuri de munca: nigerian scam

In ultima vreme o mare parte din e-mailurile tip nigerian scam s-au reprofilat pe oferta de locuri de munca (nu mai e la moda nici loteria vizelor).  In masura in care experienta de volum al autorilor inseamna ceva, Loteria Romana (sau teleeurobingeo) ar putea lansa (studiu de oportunitate fiind deja validat) lozul “Job in Plic”. Iata descrierea “preferabil in engleza” a postului (ATENTIE!! nu cumva sa-se folosesca expresia “locul de munca”):

Evemplul 1


Let me introduce myself as an HR manager of the leading trade company.

There is a wide range of activities our company is involved in.
-carriage of affaird
-business supervision
-disposal of business
-financial management

Partners in Europe are needed
-compansation 2.600 euro + bonus

– flexible hours

If our proposition is attractive to you, please kindly send your details so that we can contact you. Lelia@it-europ.net
First Name:
Country of living
mail address:
Contact telephone number

Important! We deal with European citizens only!
Please provide your contact details (Name, Telephone number) and we will call you to specify the date of interview.

Exemplul 2

Welcoming speech

I’m addressing you on behalf of the HR department of a large company. Our company has been working in different fields, such as:
– real estate
– companies setting-up and winding-up
– supporting business in Europe and other countries
– etc.

We are making a regional managers’ team in Europe now:
– wages 2300dollars+bonus
– part-time employment
– optimal timetable

If you are interested in this job, please, send us your contact information on email:
cv@hiring-westunion.com [please delete spaces before sending]
Full name:
Telephone Number:

Be informed! Candidates from Europe are needed only!

Please, write your name and Telephone Number so that our manager could contact you, ask the necessary questions and answer yours.

Spre sfarsit sa observam ca globalizarea si outsourcingul nu au ocolit nici afacerile cu frauda nigeriana (nigerian scam) ultimele mesaje fiind trimise cel mai probabil low cost din India (Mumbai).

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