Are you PC addicted ?

Did you ever experience a sudden rush to check emails while ……

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Scientist, tech enthusiast, husband and father. Romanian expat. Dupa 3 ani in Japonia, o noua pagina se deschide la Paris.
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6 Responses to Are you PC addicted ?

  1. ~Daydreamin~ says:

    LMAO. Now that is addiction at it's best.

  2. Mihai says:

    You` re so right. 21st century`s number one addiction. I mean PC addiction.
    It`s cute to say that it is a joke, that` s something to be worried about.
    They were made to make our life easier beeing controled by us and now they are starting to control us.
    Do you think I am PC addict? 🙂

  3. •°¤ blondy ¤°• says:

    Greetings 🙂 With friends and loved ones all over the globe these days I am very "addicted" especially those that are in areas of the world that are suffering war…the internet is all I have to stay in touch with them. But….but…but the addiction is not as bad as the picture you posted…very cute loooool


  4. VampirE says:

    I know a few more comfortable ways to keep the laptop …during that rapturous action LOL !
    This one lol ..let`s call it (safe hands) friends know why (-_0)

    PS. Don`t asK !

  5. grrrlywonder says:

    If I did I think I would need serious help.

  6. kittyf8 says:

    OMGoodness…well, that's why I chose to get the desktop rather than the laptop..=P

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